The idea of ​​creating a new brand of glasses was born when David and Marco met.

Before business partners, the two of them are really good friends and partners in adventures, so they decided to start a really new experience and the idea of both parts has led into this totally new adventure called DAVID MARC.

David, is a fan of Zen philosophy and karate. He is really careful person and pays attention to every datails and every subtle nuance.

On the other hand Marco lived the time when the “Made in Italy” was recognized worldwide thanks to fashion designers such as VERSACE, ARMANI and VALENTINO and, because of this experience, he decvided to preserve with pride of Italian products, unique for their designs, quality and creativity.


Both of them admire original glasses made with traditional materials. They starter from old frames found in the deposit of the optical shop of the father of Marco. From that the two business partners, decided to revisit the “old Glories” and to create glasses that would perseve the Vintage taste but with some modern and innovation colours of camouflage plastics and “aged” effect metals.

From this came the idea of ​​a collection of glasses handmade in Italy, with materials produced in our country.

Only for sunglasses, our company uses ZEISS lenses,  to make sure that our products matches the standards of protection in optical levels.

Forgive us if marketing is not ‘our strength …. we will try to improve!

For now we are totally focused on the product, the style and to make sure that you pay only for the quality of the glasses purchased.


David Marc represents the present and the future, the past and the new technologies. We will never be tired of improving and modernizing our handicrafts.

Our catalog is renewed every season : sport sunglasses, eyeglasses and sunglasses with photochromic performance lenses, created with the latest technology in eye protection.

David Marc is the future of the glasses: craft and design, innovative materials and iconic models that preserve their appeal over time.

Our brand gives to every look that timeless and mysterious charm that you will love.

We are projected into the future to give you a great craftsmanship product that isn’t only a way of being, but is also a goal, because there are no shortcuts to quality.

David Marc will always mantein a sincere promise: the purity of the made in Italy, the design, the extraordinary materials, and the precious handmade, will never be compromised

We are authentic in tradition but faithful in innovation … For us experimentation is the true luxury experience.


We proudly use Zeiss lens Zeiss_logo.svg

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